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What is Endodontics?

Our dentists that specialize in endodontic treatment, or operations affecting the pulp of the teeth’s soft inner tissue, are known as endodontists. Endodontics is derived from the words “endo,” which means within, and “odont,” which means tooth.

Although all of our experts and dentists have received training in diagnostic and endodontic treatment, certain teeth might be particularly challenging to identify and cure. You may have been recommended to an endodontic expert for this reason.

Endodontists complete two or more years of further training in this field after graduating from dental school. To diagnose and treat more complex situations, they study root canal methods and procedures in more detail. For this reason, a lot of dentists recommend endodontists to their patients and luckily at Inspired Smiles in Los Feliz, we are proud to be able to offer these services to our patients.

Why Do People Need Endodontic Care?

There are many reasons as to why someone may need endodontic care. A tooth that has been injured may be more susceptible to infection, ultimately needing urgent medical care. In a more severe case, the fragile inner tissues of the tooth might be penetrated by cracks or cavities that go through the enamel. If this does take place, germs may infiltrate the tooth’s inside and lead to a severe illness. It may spread to your gums and the tissue around the tooth if the infection is not found and treated. This may result in tooth loss or gum disease but thanks to our endodontic care, patients can treat these issues right when they happen.

What Can I Anticipate From An Endodontic Procedure?

Your endodontist appointment shouldn’t be stressful or painful in any way. Instead, you can anticipate arriving at our welcoming clinic by trained personnel that help patients with pain relief and the treatment of problematic teeth. To protect your comfort during the process, you may anticipate being sedated throughout your treatment.

For the procedure itself, the majority of endodontic procedures are quite effective and safe. That said, there is a likelihood that your root canal and restoration will last you a lifetime, however outcomes might vary from person to person.

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Will There Be Any Further Instructions I Need To Follow Following The Procedure?

You must adhere to a set of post-operative guidelines created to hasten and ensure the success of your recovery after your root canal. You won’t be able to eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes, and in the first few days, you could feel a little uncomfortable close to where the treatment was done.

Avoid biting or chewing on hard or sticky foods, and make an appointment to see your dentist within 30 days following the first operation for a permanent crown or filling.

Learn More About Our Endodontic Care In Los Feliz

If you’re looking for professional medical care, please contact our clinic right away. We would be happy to help you with any issues or concerns you’re experiencing and provide you with the care you need.

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