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When it comes to keeping your body healthy, having a clean and healthy mouth is just as crucial as eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. Your quality of life and how you interact with others may both be greatly impacted by poor oral health and hygiene practices. Infections, cavities, and oral discomfort may make it difficult to talk and eat if you don’t take care of your mouth and teeth. Without good dental hygiene, bad breath may also happen, which can have a negative impact on one’s physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Bacteria may also grow into oral disorders if they are not treated in a timely manner. Gum disease, including gingivitis and advanced cavities that become abscessed teeth, may be very painful and harm oral tissues. All of these common dental issues can be properly treated with the help of dental exams and teeth cleanings in Los Feliz.

What Happens During A Professional Dental Cleaning?

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The Exam

One of our dental hygienists who is qualified to do your professional teeth cleaning will first start by examining your mouth. During the examination, your teeth and gums will be examined in a tiny mirror to look for any possible problems. From there, the treatment will be tailored specifically to your needs.

Tartar And Plaque Removal

Your hygienist will then use a scalar to remove any plaque or tartar from your gum line and in between your teeth if they are unable to find any indications of oral disease that would need your dentist to take action. Once your teeth are clear of tartar, your hygienist will polish them with a powered brush or cup and grit toothpaste. The brush will assist in removing any plaque or tartar residue that the scalar may have left behind, giving you a lovely, smooth, clean surface.

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Advantages Of Regular Dental Cleanings And Examinations

Dental examinations and teeth cleanings in Los Feliz are advantageous in a number of ways, including:

  • Gum disease and cavities are prevented by regular dental cleanings.
  • Dental examinations enable your dentist to identify dental issues early.
  • Your likelihood of later having significant restoration procedures decreases if you take preventative dental care measures.
  • You are less likely to lose teeth if you get preventive dental care.
  • Preventing dental issues is preferable than treating them once they worsen and is often more affordable in the long-run.
  • It helps keep your smile looking bright and clean throughout the year.

Fluoride Therapy

Following a thorough mouth washing, you’ll be offered a few flavor options for a fluoride treatment. You may use this procedure to prevent cavities in your teeth. Your hygienist will offer you a fluoride rinse that you may swirl around your mouth or that is put in a mouthpiece that fits over your teeth like a gel or foam.

Rinsing And Flossing

After that, your hygienist will floss your teeth to remove any toothpaste or plaque that may have remained and to find any possible issue areas.

Get Started On Your Teeth Cleaning And Examination Process At Our Inspired Smiles Clinic In Los Feliz

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