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What Exactly Is An Emergency Dental Procedure?

Dentistry that falls under the category of emergency care treats patients who have sustained oral or facial injuries, significant infections, uncontrollable bleeding, or pain that cannot be alleviated by using over-the-counter pain relievers. When confronted with a dental emergency, a patient has no choice but to seek immediate attention from a qualified professional in order to have their problems resolved in a manner that is both effective and risk-free.

What Are Some Conditions That Can Be Treated During An Emergency Visit To The Dentist?

If you suffer any of the following issues, you need emergency dental treatment and should make an appointment as soon as you possibly can:


A tooth that has broken into several pieces, causing pain in the cheeks or tongue and making it difficult for the patient to eat or sleep comfortably.

Additional conditions include a missing tooth, a tooth that is cracked or shattered, and a tongue or lip that has been brutally bit. If you are in extreme pain, bleeding heavily, or have been hit in the mouth, you should seek the help of an emergency dentist as soon as possible.


Injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the gums, tongue, and mouth.


Any swelling on your face or inside of your mouth indicates that you may have an infection.


Any toothaches, especially if they are caused by sensitivity to pressure or warmth, and especially if they prevent you from obtaining adequate rest or from eating healthful meals.

Who Is More Prone To Needing Emergency Dentistry?

Patients who are more prone to have dental crises than others should take precautions to ensure that they are ready to get prompt treatment in the event that it is necessary. Patients who have recently had oral surgery are more likely to have oral health problems and should get in contact with our clinic as soon as possible if they notice any symptoms that are not to their liking.

In addition, patients who are elderly or children who are at risk for balance problems or falls should be prepared for any dental emergency that may arise just in case. Patients who participate in contact sports have an increased likelihood of sustaining an injury to their jaw or mouth. That said, if you are one of the aforementioned people, having our contact information on hand is important in order to contact us as soon as an issue arises.

Organizing An Appointment For Your Immediate Dental Care Needs At Our Los Feliz Dental Clinic

We will do all in our power to see you the same day or during emergency hours in order to be of assistance to you in your search for relief after a dental emergency. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, please give us a call immediately so that we can provide you with instructions and information on our emergency services. We would be pleased to assist you with any concerns you or your family member may have.

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